B.A.C Open Cooling Towers:

B.A.C Australia's range of open cooling towers is second to none. From induced draught to forced draught, cross-flow to counter-flow, low profile and reduced footprint models. All Australian made and produced to the highest standard, B.A.C have an open cooling tower to suite any application.
Materials of construction vary from FRP (fiberglass), Z.A.M (Zinc, Aluminium, Magnesium coated) steel, 304 stainless steel and 316 stainless steel to requirement. All materials used in the production of B.A.C cooling towers are selected specifically for their quality and prolonged life.

VTL Series

Forced Draught, Counter-Flow (Low Profile)

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VXT Series

Forced Draught, Counter-Flow

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S3E Series

Induced Draught, Cross-Flow

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PCT Series

Induced Draught, Counter-Flow

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