B.A.C Hybrid Coolers:

B.A.C Australia's range of Trillium fluid coolers and condensers are part of their Hybrid range of equipment. The term "Hybrid" is used to describe a range of evaporative based heat rejection equipment that provide the same service as a conventional fluid cooler or condenser, however without the need to chemical water treatment, registration and while using less than 50% of the water.
B.A.C's range of hybrid cooling equipment make use of evaporative media pads, not sprays, which ensures the units never create a plume or unnecessarily waste water. They are all produced with either copper tube / aluminium finned coils or micro-channel heat exchanger coils as standard.

HFL Series

Forced Draught, Hybrid Cooler

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HXI Series

Forced Draught, Combined-Flow Hybrid Cooler

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Trillium Adiabatic Condenser

Induced Draught, Adiabatic Cooler

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Trillium Adiabatic Fluid Cooler

Induced Draught, Hybrid Fluid Cooler

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